About Us

Investigative Experience

The founder started their career as a security guard in the entertainment industry. They saw Organized Crime, Human Trafficking, Fraud, Drugs and much more. They then transitioned a few years later into “floorwalkers” back then.

Undercover Loss Prevention is now more commonly referred to as Asset Protection. During their career, they investigatively experienced all types of external thefts, internal thefts, fraud, e-commerce fraud, gift card fraud and ORC. They investigated Canada-wide as part of their daily routine, gaining valuable insight into the many markets. The one thing consistent with the trends is that no matter where you went in the Retail industry, it was the same issue.

The founder quickly built networks and educated themselves in the field of Private Investigations while at the same time certifying their skill sets in Organized Retail Crimes, Fraud and Cyber Intelligence Investigations. They have been awarded the Toronto Police Community Member Award for investigations, and they are also an influencer & advocate on the social media platform LinkedIn for combating Retail Crime.

Today they work in the Anti Money Laundering world, investigating business-to-business frauds while still growing and learning about the different elements that continue to impact businesses.

They advocate for Retail Crime Investigations and have spoken on Podcasts, Networked with Law Enforcement, Financial Investigators and Retailers to combat the issues.

We look forward to connecting with you and working with you to find a resolution for your business.

Community Interaction

Asset protection is part of a larger culture, not just a particular business. In the listed Podcasts and Web Article below are some of the founders views on retail crimes and how we can impact them. 

The challenges of Organized Retail Crime during the Pandemic! 

The Importance of Combating Retail Crimes and what Networking Solves!

Join me as I discuss some of the Crimes that impact Retailers!